RNLI - 'Heart Pounding'

The Challenge:

The RNLI have no problem getting their safety message to yachtsman and large boat owners but there is a very large group taking to the sea who are rarely exposed to their traditional channels of communication. We are talking about Windsurfers, Kite Surfers, Jet Skiers, Sports Boat and RIB owners. Launching their craft from public slipways and beaches and taking their boats home afterwards they present a real challenge to the RNLI.  How do they get the safety message across?

The Solution:

One of the ways we came up with was to design a magazine that could be left in cafes and bars, cool clothing stores, beach shops and various other places these guys  frequent. I went to the London Boat Show and spoke to the editors of publications such as Windsurfer Mag, Jet Ski Mag and Motor Boat Magazine and explained what were trying to achieve. These influential people were very keen to help and managed to provide all the content we needed;  articles, images, advice and give-aways.  The design was in the style of a hip extreme sport tabloid magazine and the writing reflected the safety messages the RNLI wanted to express (wearing helmets, lifejackets, the dangers of drinking whilst operating a boat etc)

The Result:

The finished result  was as very powerful and impactful piece speaking in a language the target audience understands and connecting on a level where it can make real difference.